The Cook With Me Podcast
The Cook With Me Podcast
30 minute recipes in your ears

30 minute recipes in your ears

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Cook great food. Be sexy. 

We use fluffy puppies as bait. We signal status with cars, clothes and curiosities. We toil in stinky gyms to build bulging biceps and perky booties.

All this peackockery. All for love.

Yet in our quests for compatible mates, many of us have forgotten or ignored the one thing that makes us truly, biologically, evolutionarily irresistible: cooking great food.

When you cook great food, you become an imminently sexy human:

  • You survive longer as you harness fire to make more nutrient-dense, life-sustaining meals.
  • You signal that you are a caring, loving, strength-giving partner.
  • Your mate's parents are impressed by you, signaling your mate to keep you around.

Since Cook With Me helps you cook great food, it stands to reason that Cook With Me also helps you be sexy, find true love and live happily ever after.

You can thank me later. For now:

  1. Turn on any episode of Cook With Me.
  2. Cook a 30min original recipe with my voice guiding you step by step.
  3. You're the sexiest chef in the room!

Your partner in evolutionary excellence, Chef Christian, welcomes you to Cook With Me.

30 minute recipes in your ears.

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